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Your needs are important

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Many women are in roles where they take care of everything and everyone except themselves. Sound familiar?

Your needs are important too.

You may be suffering from chronic stress, poor quality sleep, lack of exercise and unhealthy eating habits that have devastating effects on your health and wellness over time.

As a recovered “Superwoman” myself, I’m here to share my experiences and specialized skills to help you live a happier, healthier life.

I know navigating new territory can be scary. It was scary for me too. You will be excited and empowered as you courageously experiment with new ways to improve your well-being and life.

-Linda Franchock

Board Certified Behavior Analyst, Licensed Behavior Specialist, ADAPT-Certified Functional Health Coach

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Focus of Coaching

Stop Struggling. Transform Your Life!

Coaching with Linda

Together we develop a partnership where I guide you through a process of discovering what you value and envision for your life.

Through deep exploration you gain clarity and learn what matters to you deep at your core.

We also work together to resolve any barriers that impede your progress so you can experience success.

Our powerful coaching relationship helps you enjoy a state of well-being that connects you with doing what you desire in life.

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“Through personal coaching, Linda helped me realize my future life changing goals and attach some concrete steps to best meet these goals. Her patience and thoughtful feedback helped me to the conclusions I needed to recognize. She is truly talented with a gift for thoughtful listening and aligning evidence-based resources to best help me along the way. She accommodated my schedule and that made it truly seamless for me and my too busy life. As I transition to my future, I know coaching with Linda was a great influence to achieving my goals in the most stress free way!”


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Why is this work important?

Your values fuel your motivation and direct your goals like a compass.

Rather than moving away, avoiding or giving up when things get tough, you will stay the course. You will persevere in the service of achieving your goals and living aligned to what’s important to you.

You are the smartest person in the room when it comes to knowing what you want out of life. You already have the answers. I help you unleash your potential.

Start with your “now.” Step toward what you want and watch your life change.

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