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I coach women to achieve health and wellness by living a more balanced and sustainable life; the life they’ve always imagined. A life that offers a greater sense of meaning, purpose and vitality.

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COACHING with Linda…

Together we develop a mutual partnership where I guide you through a process of exploring, discovering, and recognizing what you value and vision for your life.

Through this deep exploration you will gain new insights and awarenesses that connect you to a deeper sense of yourself; where a greater purpose and life direction emerge.

Through this powerful coaching relationship, you gain clarity of your vision, values and your desired state-of-being as you plan into the future.
As we explore and discover what matters to you deep at your core, those things you value most in life, we also work together to resolve any barriers that impede your progress.

Why is this work important? Because your vision and values fuel your motivation toward your goals and directs them like a compass. Rather than moving away, avoiding or giving up when things get tough, you will stay the course. You will persevere in the service of achieving your goals and living aligned with what’s important to you.

There’s NO fluff-filled talk, advice giving or digging into the past. You are the smartest person in the room when it comes to knowing what you want out of life. You already have the answers. We work from the “now” and move forward to where you want to be.

My role as your coach is to help you uncover your deep inner wisdom so you can decide your own direction at your own pace.

As your coach, I will provide you with honest reflections and will be the accountability partner you have always wanted. A partner who lets you choose what, how and when you want to be accountable.

One step at a time, you begin to transform your life just as you imagined.

I know navigating new territory can be a little scary. It was scary for me too. But through the coaching process you will feel energized, excited, and empowered as you courageously experiment with new thoughts and ideas for your life.

Life offers myriad of experiences. You can live a meaningful life when things go smoothly and even when life gets bumpy. But it requires that you consciously respond to life and take back the steering wheel.

You can begin right where you are today.

Who and where do you want to be tomorrow?

End the struggling, stressing and wandering in circles.

Join me as we shine a light on the path that takes you “Wellward”… forward in wellness and into the life you desire!

How can I help you today?

Specializing in:

Ending Chronic Stress and Burnout •  Seeking to Make Impactful Lifestyle Changes (i.e. career, diet, exercise, sleep, etc.)  •  Struggling with Unhelpful Thought Patterns  •  Reversing/Managing Chronic Disease  •  Seeking Support Between Visits with Functional Medicine Clinicians • Preserving Caregiver Health and Wellness

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Why You Should Start a Pranayama Breathing Practice

Pranayama breathing works directly on and positively impacts the nervous system and positively affects the autonomic nervous system, which controls and governs essential functions of the body like the heart rate, respiration and blood pressure etc. New research shows that systematic Pranayama breathing can be a powerful tool in managing and preventing neuro-degenerative diseases such as Alzheimer's.


“Through personal coaching, Linda helped me realize my future life changing goals and attach some concrete steps to best meet these goals. Her patience and thoughtful feedback helped me to the conclusions I needed to recognize. She is truly talented with a gift for thoughtful listening and aligning evidence-based resources to best help me along the way. She accommodated my schedule and that made it truly seamless for me and my too busy life. As I transition to my future, I know coaching with Linda was a great influence to achieving my goals in the most stress free way!”


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