How I took my life in a happier and healthier direction – and how you can too!

Hi, I’m Linda Franchock,  I went from an unsustainable lifestyle, giving 1000% to everything and everybody with nothing left for myself to a lifestyle that offers health, wellness, and opportunities to enjoy life.

There was an eventual cost to my overburdened lifestyle. I suffered chronic stress, physical and mental exhaustion, sleep deprivation, brain fog, lingering aches and pains, emotional turmoil of choosing between career and family, and loss of my social life. I was beyond burnt out and unhappy!

Sadly, many women endure this same vicious cycle of emotional and physical pain, stress, and burnout.  They put their needs last or never get to them at all.  Well, I’m excited to share that there is a  way out of that so-called “life.”   I’m here to help you navigate a fresh new path to wellness too.


My mission is to help you move forward in wellness so you can make your dreams a reality. To enjoy a balanced, happy and healthy life that keeps you free of chronic disease and doing all that you desire in life.

You don’t have to work on all your N.E.E.D.S. at once or change your career if that’s not your plan. Pick and choose what and where you want to start and take baby steps. The point is that you take some small step forward, toward wellness and toward stopping damage to your health and wellness. It’s time to take the plunge, or at least dip your toe in the water. A better life is waiting for you right now.


I am a wife, mother, friend, Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA), ADAPT-Certified Functional Health Coach (ADAPT-CFHC), Licensed Behavior Specialist (LBS), and Certified Teacher. For over 20 years, I have devoted my professional life to helping individuals advance their quality of life, quality of career and quality of health through helping them learn, change and grow. I decided to apply my specialized training to my own life and created a personalized process that transformed it in a healthier and happier direction. A direction that aligns with the values and vision I have for my life and that promotes my health and wellness.


Because my life was so out of balance, I started with a detailed look at each of my critical N.E.E.D.S.Nutrition, Exercise, Enjoyment, De-stressing practices, and Sleep and my vision and values related to each. This helped me figure out the current status of each area.

Simultaneously, I began a personal journey of deep exploration. This experience brought further clarity to my vision and values related to my family, professional life, skills, strengths and passions. It also helped me remove unhelpful thought patterns that blocked me from accessing my desired state-of-being and the life that I envisioned.

Through this process I created a reliable life compass and roadmap that takes me in exciting directions. It allows me to explore opportunities along my way and stay on course with my destination (my values).

Through this process I shaped a career that I love without sacrificing my family or my N.E.E.D.S. This transformation process positively impacted my family’s life and my career creating time, energy, and excitement for the rich, meaningful life experiences I was missing.


I got to the root of the problem by treating the cause. Treating symptoms with double expressos to stay awake, ibuprofen to stop the pain, and complaining to relieve stress leads to more ill health and unhappiness. That’s because the greatest transformations unfold when you address the root cause of problems, not simply the symptoms.

You are the smartest person in the room when it comes to knowing what you want out of life. You already have the answers. My mission is to help you experience living your life fully and authentically from the heart.


I know that branching out in a new direction can be a little scary. It was scary for me too, but it was also very exciting, liberating and full of growth. I removed a crushing weight from my chest that allowed me to breathe again and gained a new-found energy when I finally began my journey.

To help you begin your journey, we share in a process that starts by looking at where you’re at right now. Through this process you will…

  1. Explore and discover the possibilities of your life’s desires.
  2. Develop deeper levels of self-awareness for change and growth.
  3. Determine your personal direction for change. Example…
    • One, several or all wellness N.E.E.D.S., you choose
    • Specific health goal if one exists
    • Other personal goal (career, family, social, etc.)
  4. Develop a personalized and doable plan where you decide what you work on and how and when things get accomplished (at your personal pace).
  5. Prepare your path for a new direction and reduce and eliminate barriers to your success.
  6. Discuss and explore your transformations and any changes you want to make along your journey.
  7. Celebrate your successes with achieving happiness and your life’s desires.

Having a Coach with additional expertise in behavior change can make all the difference to your success. I provide you with a compassionate, judgment free environment as we thoughtfully prepare a plan that is doable for you. I help you gain skills and knowledge that empower you to navigate new terrain. And I celebrate your successes and transformations along the way with you. Instead of feeling overwhelmed, you’ll feel excited and empowered by the process. Together, I help you shine a light on the path that takes you Wellward… forward in wellness and into the life you desire!


Because of this process, I now enjoy…

  • Delicious foods that support my wellness and that keep me energized and feeling fit.
  • Exercise that keeps me strong, flexible and able to do activities I enjoy (biking, hiking, kayaking, camping, gardening, exploring new places and activities).
  • Mindfulness that strengthens my awareness, gratitude and keeps my life centered in a place of peace.
  • Quality time with my husband and family enjoying nature, cooking, and capturing life’s precious moments.
  • Fun with friends laughing, learning and supporting each other through times of fun and need.
  • Sleep on a regular and consistent schedule (this one area of change created a major improvement in my wellness and happiness).
  • Time for painting, reading, travel and trying new and fulfilling hobbies.
  • A passionate career that allows me to live a balanced and enjoyable life that includes all of the above!

Life is good! I have no regrets and have never looked back. I have gained so much by making these necessary changes to my life. My quality of health, marriage, family and friends far surpassed my expectations when I started my journey.

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