Our minds are very creative.

The mind can give hundreds of reasons NOT “do” what’s really important.

One common reason you might hear from your mind is, “I don’t “feel” like it.” Or “I’m just not motivated.”

Notice what reasons your mind might be giving you.

What does it really mean when your mind is saying these things?

For many, what it might be saying is, “I just don’t have the energy for it, maybe when I feel less tired.” I’m just don’t feel in the mood.” “I feel anxious or uncomfortable.” “I feel too depressed.”

These thoughts in your mind can strongly influence your actions. You give in to the idea that you’ll l do it when you “feel” like it, when it “feels” right, or when you “feel’ in the mood.

If you view motivation as a “feeling” – waiting to “feel” good or a “feel” a certain way before acting on what’s important –  then this can keep you really stuck in life.


I encourage you to step out of your comfort zone and try something a little different.

Instead of waiting to “feel” in the mood, positive, energized, comfortable, etc., fuel your motivation by focusing on “doing” what’s important.

Let doing what’s important guide and fuel your motivation instead of waiting for “feelings” to show up. I call these important things your values.

Feelings are fleeting and come and go all across your day.

Values give life purpose, meaning, and direction that shapes your life when you act on them.

When your motivation is fueled by “doing” what’s important, what matters, being the person you want to be, standing for what’s important in your life; then you don’t have to rely on your feelings.

Even if you “feel” miserable, you can still “do” what matters.

Fuel your motivation with a focus on your values and start unhooking from what’s keeping you stuck.

Schedule a complimentary session to clarify specific values in various areas of your life and learn skills that support doing what matters even when your mind doesn’t “feel” like it.

Over to you…

How do you motivate yourself?
What might be the benefits of changing how you motivate yourself?

Wishing you Wellward!


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