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I provide you with a compassionate, judgment free environment where we’ll have a casual conversation and get to know each other. We’ll discuss things like…

  • Benefits a Coach provides you
  • Types of services available to meet your individualized needs
  • Details of session costs, times, durations and frequencies that meet your specific needs because options are important to your success (I serve clients in all times zones)
  • Apprehensions or concerns you might have regarding the coaching process
  • Celebrations you can anticipate as you realize successes with achieving your life’s dream

We’ll also have a mini coaching session together so you can experience having me as your Coach. At the end of our session there’s no obligation. We’ll determine if we’re a good team. You can then move forward with setting up your next session or take some time to think about it.

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Ways we can connect for a coaching session – you decide!

  • In person
  • Online from any location
  • By phone