Imagine taking a walk in the woods and suddenly feeling lost.

You think to yourself, “How did I get here?” – “Where am I?”

As you scan the surroundings looking for the right direction you start feeling all the more overwhelmed and stranded in your situation.

So many possible choices. So many different directions you could go.

But which one will take you out of the woods and in the direction where you want to be?

When you finally get your bearings, you realize you’ve wasted precious time, energy and resources going in all the wrong directions.

Everyday life can feel a bit like being lost in the woods if you are not guided by your values – living a value-driven life.

Stress and frustration build as you realize you’re expending a great deal of effort not progressing in any particular direction for any meaningful purpose.

You’re going in circles and getting snagged and stuck along the way – You’re lost in woods of life!


Your values provide direction in your life.

They are important personally chosen actions that guide your decisions and behaviors in life.

Values are unlike morals and ethics which are largely socially created, though we do adopt these to a personal degree.

When you’re acting on things that generate a personal sense of meaning, vitality or fulfillment you’re acting on your values.

Put simply, your actions demonstrate your values. What’s important to you. What you want to stand for. How you want to behave and act every day.

An interesting way to determine your values is to imagine your retirement party – Who would you chose to speak about your life and what would you want to hear them say?

Over to you…

So, what’s guiding your decisions and behaviors as you move through your day?

What helps you know what direction to take when you reach a fork in life’s road?

How do you know if you’re moving in a direction that’s consistent with your values and not getting lost in the woods of life?

Watch for more information coming on Living a Value-Driven Life.

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Wishing you Wellward!


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