I hear this comment all too often.

“I feel guilty.”

Women share how they struggle with asking for what they want and need in their lives.

Simple things like reading a book, sitting down to relax or taking time for necessary self-care.

They explain how their decisions are driven by guilt or by what they “think” other people expect or will think of them.

Living in the land of “I feel guilty”, “I should”, “I need to”, “I ought to” leads to a great deal of anger, frustration and resentment in life.

The negative emotional state guilt creates on a daily basis is draining and a barrier to realizing your true self in your life.

Once you become aware of and understand these types of unhelpful thought patterns and how they affect your well-being, you CAN change them.

Through unlocking untapped sources of thinking, doing and being you can begin to explore new possibilities, remove obstacles and begin to have the rich life experiences that are your choice.

Are you ready to make choices that reveal your true beautiful self and live the life you want?

Over to you…

What would it feel like to be free of guilt?

How do your choices support your desired state of being?

What’s holding you back from making choices that support your life’s vision?

What’s your true potential?

Wishing you Wellward!


Photo credit: https://www.freepik.com

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