Meet other women, who like you, strive for better self-care but struggle with hectic lifestyles and feelings of guilt and judgement.

Come discover how to resolve barriers to your self-care as we work together to explore NUTRITION, EXERCISE, ENJOYMENT, DE- STRESSING, and SLEEP. Plus how to CHANGE habits and address unhelpful thought patterns.

Through group coaching, get the support to develop your own values, map out your own vision and learn to create and apply a self-care plan that excites and motivates you to achieve the change you want.

“Hi, I’m Linda and I’d love to support you in achieving greater health and wellness through better self-care.”

Many women are in roles where they take care of everything and everyone except themselves. Sound familiar? You may be suffering from chronic stress, poor quality sleep, lack of exercise and unhealthy eating habits that have devastating effects on your health and wellness over time. As a recovered “Superwoman” myself, I’m here to share my experiences and specialized skills to help you live a happier, healthier life.

In this 6 Week Group Coaching Program, I help you to cultivate a deeper self-awareness, confidence, and courage that empowers you to act on choices that align with your personal values and vision for taking better care of yourself. You will develop a greater sense of meaning, purpose, and vitality in your life and experience a freedom from the vicious cycle of unhelpful thought patterns that keep you feeling stuck.


Each week you’ll join me and other women in an intimate group setting for compassionate and judgment-free conversations on a specific topic as I guide you to create your own personal self-care plan.

You’ll get detailed resources, activities and coaching to help you determine your personal values related to weekly topics, as you decide what changes you would like to act on.

As I coach, you’ll have fun learning and experimenting along with other woman, just like you, as you clarify your own personal values and vision for self-care.

You’ll create your goal(s), determine how you want to be accountable, how you will monitor your progress and what additional support and/or resources you might need.

Through varied opportunities for deep exploration, we will also work to discover and resolve potential barriers to your progress.

You also get TWO 1-HOUR, PRIVATE ONE-ON-ONE COACHING SESSIONS (worth $250) where you can further expand on your personal self-care plan or receive coaching in another area.

Through our powerful coaching relationship, the group’s support, and the clarity of your values and vision, your motivation will be fueled as you set yourself on a new path for self-care!

Click here to see more details on the weekly coaching topics.


Spaces are limited to 10 participants in an effort to maintain the benefits of group coaching. See details below to complete the registration process to guarantee your space in the group.

Contact me if you have additional questions. I look forward to meeting you!

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I provide you with a compassionate, judgment free environment where we’ll have a casual conversation and get to know each other to decide if coaching if right for you.

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